Research Fellowship in the KCRU

Research fellows in the KCRU are engaged in a defined period of mentored and advanced post clinical fellowship training to acquire the professional skills and research independence needed for a future career as a clinician-investigator.

Some of the key strengths of the KCRU relevant to research fellows are:
  • Focused research training that enables fellows to gain expertise in a variety of methodological areas including synthesis of a research question, study design, statistical analysis, multidisciplinary research, and knowledge translation.
  • Access to a network drive that contains nearly a decade of research resources and opportunities to attend structured research rounds where relevant topics in biostatistics, methodology, and research ethics are reviewed.
  • Access to the newest branch of the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES), the ICES Western site,for hands-on experience with programming and data analysis in order to conduct research in an efficient and timely manner.
  • Continued participation in academic events hosted by the Division of Nephrology such as journal clubs, grand rounds, and guest speakers.
  • Opportunities for collaboration and networking with other research fellows, graduate students, and faculty both locally and nationwide.

The KCRU is a unique research facility designed to produce high quality research and successful researchers. Engaging in research in this environment has unquestionably led to success among prior trainees who have then joined academic faculties and secured operating grants as principal investigators to continue their research across the country.