Research Philosophy

Dr. McIntyre is Professor of Medicine, Professor of Medical Biophysics, Professor of Paediatrics and Robert Lindsay Chair of Dialysis Research and Innovation at Western. He also serves as Director of the Lilibeth Caberto Kidney Clinical Research Unit (KCRU) at London Health Sciences Centre, where he is also a practicing Clinical Nephrologist. He leads a team of multidisciplinary researchers, many of whom are enrolled in MSc/PhD programs within Western University, focused largely on the pathophysiology of the effecting cardiovascular, brain, liver and gastro-intestinal structure and function in patients with chronic kidney disease. These studies include basic clinical science, natural history studies and the development and application of novel therapeutic strategies into large scale randomized controlled trials. These studies have increasingly focused on the adverse consequences resulting from dialysis therapy itself and the improvement in outcomes by the reduction of preventable harm. Multimodal imaging plays an important role in these studies including ultrasound, CT, PET and MRI.

Research Areas: Hemodialysis, Applied Imaging (CT, MRI, PET, Imaging), Chronic Kidney Disease, Peritoneal Dialysis, Cardio Renal Medicine The KCRU fosters strong ongoing collaboration with the ICES Kidney Dialysis and Transplant Program sited adjacent to the KCRU facility, and under the Direction of Dr. Amit Garg. The two programs have come together to develop and deliver the MY TEMP trial of dialysis fluid cooling. At over 7000 patients this is the largest study of dialysis patients ever performed.

As well as having a strong local research community, the KCRU has developed an ever-growing network of national and international research and healthcare connections to collaborate and share information in order to increase knowledge of renal health issues. The KCRU continues to move forward and grow with the hope that the efforts of research will improve the lives and health of people with renal health issues.

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