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Kidney disease affects more than 10% of the population in Canada, and treatments are cost and resource intensive. Members of the Kidney Clinical Research Unit (KCRU), within which this lab is based, are aggressively pursuing clinical research to identify effective therapies that can be implemented at various stages of the disease. Clinical research is necessary, but must be thoroughly justified. An integrative approach will help to uncover mechanisms of disease, dialysis treatment, and of pharmacological therapies. We presently have sub-system descriptions (e.g. arrhythmia in small heart tissue preparations, function of a single nephron). However, the effects propagate from one sub-system to another, with the combination of sub-systems giving rise to emergent phenomena. Efforts in multiple projects extends and customizes appropriate sub-system mathematical models to implement available individual characteristics to specify the mechanistic and probablistic basis of disease, to understand non-response to therapy, in view of optimizing treatment strategies.

I am an applied mathematician. I represent poorly understood but very important cell to organ level processes in a mathematical framework as mechanistic models. I use and analyse these models to understand the inter-related dynamics of the complex organisation of electro-mechanical, fluid flow, metabolic and other multi-physics that dictate life functions and failure thereof. In addition to mathematical physiology, I work on computational imaging that is designed to preinform our clinical-imaging research. My work is targeted towards further improvement of healthcare research and practice, but also serves developments in maths, computer science, and software engineering due to the nature of it.

A complementary physical sciences approach will further sharpen the value of our clinical trial outcomes by:

To do so, we have the following PM3 platforms:

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15th June 2021. Dr. Sanjay R. Kharche.